Advanced Cooking System Is The Way To Go

People around the world using and cooking nutritious meals with

SaladMaster's Advanced Cooking System.

See Why SaladMaster Advanced Cooking System Is The Way To Go

For the adventurous cook, a high-performing advanced cooking system is indispensable. No matter what occasion you are cooking for, it's always essential to have the right equipment to prepare a fantastic meal. SaladMaster's advanced cooking system is constructed with state-of-the-art material, backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and proven that it can help lead a better quality and healthier lifestyle.

Whether it's a dinner for two after a hard day of work or a birthday celebration for your extended family and friends, having the advanced cooking system can make all the difference. People around the world using and cooking nutritious meals with SaladMaster's Advanced Cooking System.


THE Can't Cook Without SaladMaster Food Processor

This precision-engineered, superbly constructed kitchen utensil is a handy, simple-to-use food processor that allows you to slice and grate all types of foods, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, crackers, cheese, hard sausage, shrimp, and various other meats.

Easy to turn, a manually operated food processor allows you to have complete control over the speed and the size of the processed pieces of food. It features a heavily chrome-plated base and hopper, guaranteed not to chip, peel or pit.

The five cutting cones are constructed of stainless steel for everlasting beauty and protection. It beautifully cuts, grates, juliennes, shreds and slices fruits and vegetables making these tasks faster and easier. Under regular use, your Saladmaster Food Processor should provide a lifetime of superb service.


Healthy Home Cooking with SaladMaster is a Lifestyle

For the everyday cook or even for an experienced chef looking for optimum versatility, this set equips your kitchen and includes the essential pieces needed for cooking all types of recipes.

For anyone craving to replace their entire kitchen, this set furnishes the cookware pieces needed to prepare any kind of recipe, and includes many specialty and accessory pieces that meet your cooking needs. Even if you’re not exactly a chef, this set could make you feel like one.

Don’t be surprised if you enjoy your Saladmaster cookware so much that you want to share its superior benefits with others.


Quick and Simple Cooking, Better-Tasting Food at Home

Your Saladmaster cookware will provide you a world of benefits you never imagined. By following the techniques recommended for your new Saladmaster cook- ware, you will be able to eat healthier and, in many cases, cook faster than with traditional methods. The special design of your system preserves vital nutrients through efficient heat distribution. The Vapo-ValveTM in the cover eliminates guesswork by signaling when to turn down the heat, thus creating a vapor seal that allows cooking without added water or fat.

Saladmaster promotes a fun and energizing lifestyle, by offering owners new recipes with detailed instructions on how to prepare foods, ranging from comfort foods to healthy and delicious ethnic favorites, utilizing Saladmaster cooking methods.

Caring For Your SaladMaster Advanced Cooking System

To avoid scratching the finish, use a damp paper towel with the cleanser. It is abrasive enough to clean the inside and bottom of the cookware without scratching the sides or inside top of the covers.

To keep the cookware exteriors looking new, avoid using an abrasive on the outside finish. If you want to use a soap-filled scouring pad on the inside, feel free to do so, but not on the exterior of the pan. If foods stick on the inside of the pan, add hot water and let stand for 10 minutes before cleaning with Salad- master cleanser. Follow cleaning instructions on the container of Saladmaster cleaner.


What People are Saying

“Fast and Easy”

"I love this machine, the best kitchen gadget ever. You can cook stirfry noodles in less than 15 minutes because of the time saved from chopping all those vegetables!"

Chelsey F.

“Super Sauce Pan!”

“We love this little piece. It's the perfect amount of vegetables for our family. Great for morning oats and small sauces!! Don't let the size fool you. It's one of our most used pieces.“

Kaylee R.

“Microwave Replacer”

“I love using this to reheat any food I am going to eat. It is just as fast as a microwave yet not killing my food. I can use this piece for everything..“

Lynnzi B.

“Smokeless Broiler”

“We can grill indoor without any hassle. My family really enjoy using this specially every Friday night. We can grill meat, vegetables and seafood. We don’t have to smell smokes and be outside.”

Kelly L.

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